About Us

In the fall of 2004, several businesswomen in the R.M. of Vanscoy sensed a need in the community for a Women’s Business Group. Recognizing the abundance of businesses run by women entrepreneurs in their communities, and the abounding talents therein, Women In Business, Delisle & District Inc. was created and incorporated in November 2005. It has become an avenue for women who operate their own businesses to share and promote their talents, products and services. The group’s mission is to network with each other and to learn from and support each other by becoming champions for each other’s businesses. This is accomplished by members utilizing businesses within the group and by members referring the products and services to others. The group also works directly within the communities by doing trade shows and sponsoring various other social and retail events, striving to give the members optimum visibility. The goal of this spirited group of women is to ignite the economic growth of their communities and to be an integral part of the future development of rural Saskatchewan. Members meet year round on a monthly basis.